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Let’s set the stage. You’re a creative, or lead a creative team, and the software you currently use isn’t floating your boat visually. Maybe it’s not what you need to enable yourself and other creatives to be, you know, creative. Creative work requires a visually appealing software solution.   Maybe you’re trying to figure out the connection between creativity and using a software suite that is creative in its appearance and application. We’re here to tell you there is one. Oftentimes, creatives are not linear. And neither should be the software they use daily. If you or your team is creative, you need a visually enticing digital system. A solution for your team can be anything you want it to be, all you have to do is visualize it.  

Let’s Get into it 

Let us tell you the tale of two artists. One works in a sunroom facing a landscape with vibrant colors, textures, nuances, and other endless possibilities for being creative. The other works in a small, windowless room lit by a low-wattage light bulb without color or inspiration. Which artist would you expect to thrive creatively? Which room would you want your creative team to work in? 

Having everything laid out visually is imperative for your creative team to understand all of the facets of their work, including their processes, KPIs, projects, content, and assets. Having this information presented in an appealing format speaks to your teams where and how they work.  

Meet Mox 

Maybe you haven’t given much thought to software being creative. However, it can be and, dare we say, should be! Meet Mox, the virtual tool for packaging-centric consumer product brands who need to create, manage, and distribute product content to meet the increasing demand of a highly competitive environment. It’s your go-to platform for proofing, digital asset management (DAM), and collaboration.    

Mox was designed with creatives in mind to do what you do. With Mox, you’re the artist. Your team creates their own customizable workflow that reflects their own creativity. This makes it more likely that they’ll work with Mox to achieve better results across the board. Below are a few of the benefits your team can derive from using a creative software solution.  

Enhance Task Management     

Mox enables you to set and meet realistic workflow and deadline expectations, assign tasks, remove manual hurdles, and expedite project completion. You can also effectively plan resource needs and usage to understand impacts associated with project and/or campaign changes.  

Foster Cross-functional Collaboration    

Mox enables teams to communicate efficiently by providing a holistic view of project timelines and changes in real time. It helps eliminate back and forth emails, and increases transparency, clarity, and alignment among internal and external stakeholders. It allows for the sharing of task responsibilities within a single platform. Mox helps reduce the likelihood of miscommunications, errors, and confusion.  

Minimize Rework   

Are you constantly starting from scratch? Mox provides customizable workflow templates so you can say goodbye to rework and hello to efficiency, accuracy, and speed.   

Get to Market Faster  

Mox’s features allow you to create flawless marketing campaigns, rapidly launch products, and increase your company's bottom line. 

Discover how Mox can help your team today, sign up for a free trial!