See how Mox can save you time and money

Working with multiple stakeholders across tight deadlines leaves a small margin of error when it comes to getting a product to market on time. When you’re up against the buzzer, the last thing we want you to do is dig through a bulky email thread trying to track versions of the proof your team is working on. 

The good news? When you’re feeling the pressure to get a label or design approved, software solutions like the Mox can help. Mox is a packaging artwork management software designed to eliminate dispersed information, overlapping feedback, and human error during the approval process. 

With its cloud-based tool, Mox combines three tools in one: project management, digital proofing, and digital asset management

Calculate how much time and money Mox can save your team with our free value estimator. It's time to take control of your project management and finances – start saving $200,000 annually and watch your business thrive!