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You manage the entire lifecycle of your marketing content, assets, and overall campaigns. Mox is your virtual dashboard organizing your processes so everyone is connected, informed, and empowered. 

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Simplify Cross-functional Collaboration

Increase transparency, clarity, and alignment among campaign stakeholders. Initiate effective communication to eliminate the likelihood of confusion, errors, and delays.


Scale Marketing Processes

Manage marketing processes from start to finish with software solutions capable of growing with you. Invest in solutions with future developments in mind.


Enhance Visibility and Tracking

Monitor overall campaign status. Oversee the completion of individual tasks. Assess efficiencies and deficiencies. Set metrics and evaluate performance.


Approve Content with Online Proofing

Humans make mistakes. Those mistakes ending up on your final packaging? *Shudder* That's the stuff of nightmares. Mox removes the manual effort, greatly reducing the risk of errors and costly mistakes. 


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