Mox Fuels Growing Consumer Goods Brands

CPG brands create products consumers love. Our job is to help you make them feel the love. Mox is the creative collaboration tool that streamlines your packaging approval processes every step of the way.

Use the Mox 3-in-1 software to maintain brand consistency, manage increasing SKU's and get to market faster. Omnichannel marketing has never been easier. 


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Safeguard Brand Consistency

Make designing creative content a breeze! Easily access feedback in Mox to ensure content is approved before release. Your brand, protected and consistent every time. 



Get to Market Faster

Cross the finish line before your competition. Use Mox to review and approve final product content, avoid bottlenecks, and generate efficiencies to get to market faster. 


Manage Increasing SKUs

More SKUs doesn't have to mean your plate overflows with additional work. Minimize the complexities by managing and tracking everything in a single location. 

Facilitate Distribution of Omnichannel Content

What you release digitally and physically must be the same. Managing the assets and content needed to assure this can be a real challenge. Navigate multiple channels efficiently and accurately with Mox. 

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