Why Choose Mox

Mox is a collaborative, scalable tool that combines workflow, proofing, and digital asset management for growing consumer brand teams.

Use Mox to connect your teams, content, and consumers so you can build brands people love.



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Connection Fuels Great Brands

Connect Your Teams

Enhance your operations with streamlined workflow and approval, gaining efficiencies and facilitating growth to please everyone from packaging and operations, printers and vendors, to IT and CMOs.

Connect Your Content

Leave no content behind. Leverage your content throughout the whole packaging process, saving on time, cost and rework, with brand-first software built by industry-trusted packaging experts.

Connect with Consumers

With enhanced consistency and compliance of your brand's content and packaging, you can be sure you are building a brand that consumers recognize, trust, and love – on the shelf and on the web.

A Collaborative Platform to help you build brands that people love


Replace slow or outdated processes with a truly state of the art solution so you can simply work and unlock the real power of your teams


Our platform seamlessly adapts to your workflow and grows with your business so your team can collaborate throughout the packaging process


Trust our industy-leading expertise to build confidence across your team so you can grow brands that
people love

Who Is Mox For?

Mox is a fit-for-purpose solution suitable for small to mid-size teams and growing brands. 

Are You Suffering from These Pain Points?

Relying on Emails and Spreadsheets

Creating product content is complicated; emails and spreadsheets simply aren't up to the task.

Lack of Visibility

It's easy to lose track of digital assets and projects, whether you're searching for approvals, feedback, or version history.

Human Error

If the final content is incorrect, or the wrong version is shared and used in your go-to-market process, your brand reputation can be at risk.

Difficulty Achieving Scale

It's your job to grow your brand, but there's an upper limit on what you can achieve when you're missing the right tools fit for your purpose.

Too Much Rework

Manual review and approval methods inhibit efficiency. It's far too easy to lose track of feedback, which leads to extra rounds of review.

Missed Deadlines

Do you struggle to meet your deadlines? Missed deadlines mean missed revenue. And nobody wants that.

With Mox, You Can

Improve Workflow Visibility

Monitor the product content process at all stages to ensure tasks are completed on time, every time.

Find What You Need, Fast

Easily manage assets and versions so that you can find exactly what you're looking for, right when you need it.

Increase Speed to Market

Create flawless product content, rapidly launch products, and increase your company's bottom line.

Scale Your Brand

Make the most of your human resources and unlock growth potential by putting more rubber to the road.

Collaborate More Efficiently

Digitally proof, update, approve, and share product content among internal and external stakeholders in one tool.

Take Control

Give the right people the right access through permissions and roles within an easy-to-use, fit-for-purpose tool.

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