Fuel Your Packaging Project Management with Mox

Packaging project management can be complicated. Mox makes it simple by providing an overview of your project information, content, and assets. Always know your projects' statuses and who's assigned to which task. Easily approve your content with online proofing. 

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Improve Internal and External Collaboration  

You can't have project management without collaboration. The more collaborative your process is, the more likely the end product is a success. Mox is inherently collaborative, providing a single source for all communications and critical functions. 


Enhance Project Visibility 

As a Project Manager, you care about who's doing what and how it gets done. With Mox you know who creates which content, who approves it, when its approved, and where its distributed.


Approve Content with Online Proofing

Manual review and approval processes don't cut it anymore. Emails and spreadsheets are hard to track and prone to error. Mox helps you manage content feedback and approval in a single, integrated system. 

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