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Mox Plan Features

Best Value - Save 17%
Quick Wins
*minimum 3 users x $115 = $345/mo
Unlimited viewers - join the party
100GB storage per user - that’s massive
Advanced digital proofing - simply unmatched
Project collaboration - it’s like happy hour
Reusable project workflow - the ultimate flexibility
Audio & Video capabilities - awesomeness
Image & document file format support - yes, for real
DAM functions: search, tag, organize & more - DAM good stuff
Get Started For Free
Get Started For Free

icon_ProjectCollaborationProject Collaboration

  • Create tasks with schedule and assign to workspace members
  • Invite others to view or manage projects
  • Email notifications
  • Reference files
  • Pinpoint and comment on specific area in artwork or documents
  • Create conversation threads by replying to comments
  • Upload files or file revisions into project
  • File downloads
  • Add an asset from DAM into project for revision
  • Forms and metadata
  • Revision handling
  • View complete project history

icon_workflowFlexible and Reusable Project Workflow

  • Templates to get started for Marketing and Packaging use cases
  • Route files for approvals
  • Share file links for easy collaboration    

icon_AvancedSearchAdvanced Search Capabilities

  • Find duplicate assets
  • Find asset derivatives (related assets)
  • Search for assets from image content

icon_DAMDAM Functions: Search, Tag, and Organize

  • 100GB storage per user
  • Browse, search, find 1000s to 100ks of assets
  • Asset grouping and searching
  • XMP extraction and searching
  • Asset preview with deep zoom, rotation, and page flipping
  • Custom metadata
  • Save and share library collections with permission control
  • Version management

icon_Image-and-DocumentSupportImage & Document File Format Support

  • File conversion for eCommerce use (PNG, JPG)
  • Multi-page documents
  • Image editing (Crop, adjust colors, apply filters)

icon_AdvancedPackagingCapabilitiesAdvanced Packaging Capabilities

  • Packaging PDF with support for colors, transparencies, and overlays
  • Proof report generation and sharing
  • Advanced package proofing features - ink density, font info, barcode reader
  • 3D preview of GLB files
  • Preview multipage PDFs
  • Ruler measurement tools

icon_Audio-VideoCapabilitiesAudio & Video Assets

  • MP4, MOV Video support with playback and thumbnails, time-based annotations


  • Coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Trials

Can I have a trial of Mox before purchasing it?
Yes, you can evaluate Mox with a free trial for 30 days, allowing you to see and use the tool before you proceed with your subscription. The free trial includes a fully featured Mox account for your evaluation. To sign up for a free trial, simply go to and click the "Get Started for Free" option. Then follow these steps:
1. On the Signup page, populate the form with your basic details and click the "Get Started" button to proceed.
2. You will receive an email with a confirmation link.
3. Click the link to activate your account.
If you can't find your activation email in your inbox, please check your spam folder first. If you have any trouble accessing your account, please get in touch with the Mox team via Chat on the website so they can assist.
Is Mox available to install on my own server?
Mox is a fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) application. We do not distribute any software for installation on customer servers.
Mox customers all share the same provider infrastructure, which centralizes and automates administration and updates as they are released. Mox uses enterprise grade security and reliability, with built-in disaster recovery and encription to ensure your data is protected. In addition, Mox provides scalability which allows you to increase the number of users over time, giving you the flexibility you need to scale your business.


How much does Mox cost?

Current pricing information is always available on the Mox website at

What is the difference between monthly vs annual subscriptions?

A discount rate is applied when buying an annual subscription versus a monthly subscription.

General Terms and Conditions

Our legal department would like to make some changes to your General Terms and Conditions. Is that ok?

At Mox, we strive to offer a powerful solution at a simple and affordable price structure. With this, we are unable to make changes to our General Terms and Conditions. We'd rather invest time and resources in improving Mox to help you fully leverage the tool. We purposely wrote the General Terms and Conditions in readable and fair terms to make the redlining exercise unnecessary altogether.

Your General Terms and Conditions refers to the grant of publicity rights to Mox. What does that mean? Can we change that?

We plan to show a small number of customers on our website illustrating companies using Mox and that's the extent of the publicity rights included in our General Terms and Conditions. Any other disclosure of our customers (such as testimonials or case studies) will be written in collaboration with them and posted with their consent.

Your General Terms and Conditions allows you to make changes at any time? Can we lock down the General Terms and Conditions on the date we sign the Order?

We strive to provide and maintain General Terms and Conditions that are simple and fair for everyone. Occasionally we need to update them to reflect improvements to the product, service, and support that we provide for you. If and when these updates need to be made, rest assured that customer satisfaction and a fairness remain our top priority.

Your General Terms and Conditions allows you to change your pricing at any time? Can we lock down pricing on the date we sign the Order?

While we do need to keep the right to increase prices, Account Owners will be notificed in Mox ahead of time, giving you the chance to cancel your account before the next billing period if you don't accept the price changes. Any price increase will only be effective at the end of a customer billing period.

Your General Terms and Conditions allows you to temporarily suspend our account? Why can't we have the right to be given advance notice?

Security and performance are critical for all customers. If a customer is acting in any way to compromise them, we need to retain the right to act quickly. But this situation should be unusual and remote.

Your General Terms and Conditions allows you to collect and aggregate statistical information from all customers. Why is this?

Statistical data enable us understand how the product is being used by different customers and to improve our offering and reach. All data is anonymized.


What training solutions are available?

Self-service product tours can be accessed via Chat within your Mox account. Knowledge articles are availble via the Help Center.

How are users counted in Mox licenses, as named or concurrent?

A user is by definition anyone with permission to log in to Mox. A named user with a Mox role other than "View Only" or "View & Download" is counted towards the user limit, whether logged in to the application or not. Our licensing model is based on named users and not on concurrent users.

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