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In-store and online, packaging must resonate with consumers more than ever. To meet this challenge, packaging managers need a digital solution as fast-paced as the times we're living in. This is where Mox comes in.  

Mox is a 3-in-1 artwork approval software designed to enhance packaging approval workflows. With one location for your team's assets and communication, your projects will get to market faster.

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Enhance Creative Collaboration

Good Packaging Managers know a collaborative result is a better result. Mox makes collaboration easy by providing one location for a team's content, assets, and communication.  


Improve Artwork and Content Management

Packaging Managers are too busy to reinvent the wheel, and too smart to make rookie mistakes. Mox minimizes errors and recalls by ensuring your content and assets are accurate, approved, and most current.     


Streamline Approvals with Online Proofing

If you only had to worry about proofing your packaging, that aspect of the job would still be fraught with peril. Using a single online source  reduces the risk of costly errors. Mox allows for side-by-side content comparison, artwork annotation, and resulting better content quality. 

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