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Tired of a delay-prone review and approval process that inefficiently captures feedback from a variety of stakeholders? Stop relying on inadequate tools like emails and spreadsheets. 

Mox artwork review and approval software enables collaborators to collect feedback in one place, in the right order, in real time. 

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Faster Artwork Proofing

Create tasks and assign them to collaborators and approvers with deadlines and automated notifications.

Consolidate feedback from all stakeholders in one place. Collaborate in real time with version control and annotations right on your files.

The Mox proofing tool can be used with most common file formats including pdf, doc, ppt, png, jpeg, mp3 and more!

and Approve
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Approved Files
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Unrivaled Packaging Capabilities

For artwork files, Mox has specialized tools such as ink density, font size and type check, a barcode reader, and the ability to turn on and off artwork layers and color separations.

Mox provides 5 different visual ways to compare file versions and keeps a record of all the changes made throughout the review process, to ensure all feedback is captured and acted upon.

Advanced Packaging
& Color Proofing
Compare Versions
& Track Changes
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Packaging Artwork and Content Management

Packaging artwork and content is mission critical. However, creating, reviewing, and approving artwork is a multistep process that leaves room for errors and costly recalls. Use Mox, a virtual creative collaboration tool that helps you manage everything in one place. 


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Have Questions? We've Got Answers

What is an artwork approval software?
An artwork approval software is a tool used to help you proof product content online. The Mox tool is a 3-in-1 cloud based software that has packaging artwork workflow, digital asset management, and digital proofing capabilities. 
What is the Mox artwork approval software for?
The Mox artwork approval software is for proofing product content and packaging assets online. CPG brands use Mox as a creative collaboration tool to streamline their packaging approval process. With more efficient collaboration, we help great products get to market faster. 
How much does Mox cost?
Current pricing information is always available on the Mox website at https://moxsoftware.com/pricing
Does Mox offer training solutions?
Self-service product tours can be accessed via Chat within your Mox account. Knowledge articles are availble via the Help Center. https://help.moxsoftware.com/en
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