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For growing brands or small teams within a larger company, Mox is a packaging artwork management software designed to eliminate dispersed information, overlapping feedback, and human error during the approval process. 

Mox’s cloud-based tool combines 3 tools into one: project management, digital proofing, and digital asset management.

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The Mox Story

Consumers continue to gravitate towards fit-for-purpose products that meet both their functional needs and social responsibility interests. They tend to look for speciality brands that are considered honest, trustworthy, and transparent.

But being part of a small or specialty team doesn't mean you can't compete with bigger brands. Mox helps you do that.

Ecommerce and social media have fundamentally transformed how people shop, giving emerging brands more visibility. As consumers buy from a greater variety of brands, across multiple categories, small consumer brands have a unique opportunity to gain greater market share.

Consumers have heterogeneous tastes, a need for variety, and a hunger for the next best thing. Keeping them interested causes pressure to be innovative and efficient with SKU creation and creative content. But bringing quality products to market in a consistent, fast, and sustainable way isn’t easy for small teams. Managing multimedia content, creative assets, and packaging is anything but simple. 

Small teams need to keep up with market demand in order to compete with big brands. Creative teams launching new SKUs, with the associated packaging and marketing content, struggle to maintain visibility and control of their processes.
The good news is that Mox is here to help small teams manage these challenges. 
When deadlines are short, files are difficult to find, information and feedback is buried in emails, and approval cycles seem to have no end; it's time for a new solution.
Mox is a cloud-based tool for product content that combines 3 tools into one: project management, digital proofing, and digital asset management. 
With Mox, your teams can work efficiently and deliver right-first-time packaging and marketing content on time, every time.

Make Packaging Approval More Efficient

Use Mox to create project workflow templates, manage digital assets, and improve project visibility for all stakeholders. 

Creative Collaboration

Review, edit, and revise all in one place. Improve feedback visibility and project alignment, without digging through your email. 

Packaging Management

Keep all packaging assets, labels, and artwork organized. Ensure file sizing is consistent and ready for print with a variety of measurement tools.

Template Creation

Configure and save templates for your most frequent workflows to ensure the process remains consistent across different projects.
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Who Is Mox for?

Mox is built for growing Consumer Goods brands that want to streamline the go-to-market process for packaged products.


Mox was created by Esko, the global provider of software and hardware solutions that accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged goods.

Leveraging Esko's experience with top consumer product companies and their ecosystems, Mox brings best-practice software for companies of all sizes to increase productivity, reduce costs, and save time in their packaging and content creation process.

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