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10 Advantages of Using a Digital Proofing Software

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Digital proofing software is a type of collaborative software that simplifies the approval process of packaging assets. This software helps packaging managers and project managers take projects from initial design to approval quickly and without errors.

In this guide, we highlight the benefits of digital proofing software, as well as how it works and its key features. At the end, you'll have a firm grasp on how these tools can improve your packaging artwork management processes.

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What Is Digital Proofing Software?

Digital proofing software is the modern replacement for email threads, printouts, and tedious hallway conversations.

With it, teams can simplify the packaging asset approval process by reviewing assets, sharing feedback, proofing artwork, and approving final drafts in one tool.

For example, with Mox, you have access to three tools in one: project management, digital proofing, and digital asset management.

How Does It Work?

Digital proofing software delivers a wide range of useful features to packaging and project managers, including:

  • Online annotations and replies
  • Various supported file formats
  • Version control and comparison
  • Centralized feedback
  • Robust digital proofing capabilities (font finder, ink density, measurement tools, barcode reader, and separations and layers)
  • Access to all files from anywhere

As a result, all stakeholders can collaborate in real time, provide feedback, and approve final artwork from one centralized location.

The approval process is simple. With Mox, users create projects from the Home interface or using the Project Dashboard. Projects can be started using templates to keep workflows streamlined. With a few mouse clicks, you can then compare artwork versions, sift through advanced proofing options, and even store or distribute assets.

Advantages of Using Digital Proofing Software

Using digital approval software can revolutionize how we manage artwork approvals. Let's dive into some of the key benefits.

#1. Eliminates Manual Proofing

Manual proofing takes time and is prone to serious errors. For example, feedback given in endless email threads often goes unnoticed, resulting in slow approval times, subpar asset quality, and compliance issues.

Luckily, digital approval software eliminates manual approval. Proofing software enables stakeholders to review packaging and give feedback digitally, without clunky spreadsheets or email chains.

#2. Simplifies Collaboration

Collaborating on artwork can be a challenge, especially when multiple people are involved in the same project. File versions are prone to get confusing and feedback tends to get lost in the shuffle.

Digital proofing software eliminates these challenges by enabling seamless collaboration between stakeholders. Internal and external teams can collaborate inside the tool, providing a single platform for all feedback and approvals.

#3. Offers Access to Feedback in One Place

Artwork feedback often results from team meetings, emails, instant messaging channels, and beyond. Unfortunately, managing feedback from multiple sources is tedious and often results in costly mistakes.

Digital approval software offers centralized feedback access. Users simply leave their feedback alongside the artwork, ensuring critical notes don't get ignored.

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#4. Boosts File Accessibility

Dealing with PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs, and beyond can be a struggle. When multiple formats are in use, you must convert and open files, share the right files with the right people, and so on. These tasks eat up valuable time that you could spend elsewhere.

Digital approval software provides easy access to all files from anywhere, regardless of format, including MP3, MP4, GIF, and TIFF. This level of accessibility is especially important for remote teams or stakeholders who need to access files on the go.

#5. Improves Quality Control

There are a lot of moving parts in a typical artwork approval process. There are multiple collaborators, many file versions, and so on that complicate approval. Unfortunately, failure to manage all of these parts can result in a subpar final product.

Digital proofing software improves quality control of packaging assets by ensuring all stakeholders have access to the latest version of all artwork. This reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

In addition, you can compare two versions of content side-by-side or overlaid on top of each other with the differences highlighted. Being able to compare in real time leads to better artwork quality.

#6. Simplifies Compliance

Let’s not deny, compliance is tricky. It changes all the time, and even when it doesn’t, there are a million and one things to double-check before final approval.

Digital approval software simplifies compliance by enabling stakeholders to review and approve packaging artwork in a secure environment. You can also open and view reference files next to each asset to ensure your artwork is correct. These features ensure that all packaging assets meet regulatory requirements.

#7. Streamlines the Approval Process

Approving packaging artwork is not a one-and-done thing. You must review, provide feedback, share ideas, make tweaks, and then keep ironing out iterations until you get it right.

More importantly, you have to do all of that while also managing stakeholders. Digital approval software streamlines the approval process by enabling users to create workflows and assign due dates for stakeholders.

This ensures all key players are aware of their responsibilities and deadlines, making the approval process more efficient. Plus, once you have your workflow developed, you can templatize it across projects, simplifying the process even further.

#8. Provides Customizable Workflows

No two teams are the same. This means that no two workflows should be the same either. The best digital proofing tools allow you to customize workflows to suit the needs of your team or different product requirements.

For instance, with Mox's digital approval software, users can create customizable workflows that fit their specific needs. Plus, all workflow templates can be copied across other projects, simplifying project management.

Image shows a built workflow inside of Mox

#9. Saves Cash

Time is money when it comes to artwork approval. An approval process wrought with delays and mistakes is often an expensive one. Plus, packaging errors can lead to expensive product recalls that damage your brand.

Digital proofing software can reduce proofing costs by improving collaboration, enabling visibility, and decreasing the number of errors that occur along the way.

#10. Improves Traceability

There’s nothing worse than staring at another artwork iteration and wondering who did what and when. Digital proofing software provides simple traceability through features such as project histories and proof reports. This enables stakeholders to track changes and ensure that all feedback has been incorporated into the final artwork.

Reap the Benefits of Digital Proofing Software With Mox

Digital approval software offers a range of benefits for packaging managers, project managers, and other stakeholders involved in the packaging artwork management process. 

From eliminating manual approval to improving collaboration and communication, digital approval software streamlines the entire process, reducing the time and effort required to bring a new product to market.

If you're looking for a reliable digital approval software solution, consider Mox. Our software provides advanced approval options, centralized feedback capabilities, and real-time visibility into the approval process. To get started, try Mox today!