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4 Tips for Managing Multiple Stakeholders Effectively

Image shows stakeholder management tools inside Mox

Managing multiple stakeholders is akin to juggling flaming torches while balancing on a tightrope. It's complex, demanding, and filled with potential pitfalls. The challenge intensifies in packaging approval, where decisions must be swift and precise.

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How to Proofread Packaging Text: Tips & Tricks

Image shows proofreading inside Mox

Proofreading packaging text is an essential yet challenging task that can significantly impact the success of a product. A minor error in packaging can lead to misunderstandings or even legal issues. Understanding how to proofread packaging text is critical to ensuring clarity, compli …

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The True Cost of Manual Artwork Approval

Image shows artwork approval inside of Mox

Artwork approval is a critical process that can significantly impact the success of a product launch. However, manual approval methods often lead to serious errors, increased costs, and collaboration challenges.

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How to Create a Workflow Diagram: 4 Examples

Image shows a workflow diagram inside Mox

Artwork approval is a complex process that comes with an unending maze of tasks and responsibilities. Not only must you ensure packaging assets continue to move through the pipeline, but you must also keep stakeholders on the same page throughout the process.

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Streamlining Packaging Production with Mox: The Spangler Candy Story

Spangler Candy, a family-owned private company established in 1906, has been a manufacturer of beloved confectionery brands for over a century.

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