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Project Approval Workflows: 5 Tips to Get Assets to Market Faster

Image shows an approved asset inside Mox

Get your assets to market faster by optimizing your project approval workflow. In today's intensely competitive landscape, streamlining this crucial process is more important than ever. It not only cuts through confusion but also expedites decision-making.

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What to Do Before Implementing an Artwork Management Tool

Image shows a workflow inside of Mox

Artwork management tools are incredible assets for streamlining your packaging artwork approval workflows. But before you dive in and implement artwork management software, it's crucial to lay the proper groundwork. Successful implementation isn't just about choosing the right softwar …

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How to Manage Stakeholders With Different Priorities

Image shows stakeholders inside of Mox

When stakeholders each have different priorities, projects can easily derail, leaving teams overwhelmed and quality compromised.

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8 Project Workflow Examples for Businesses

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Artwork design and approval projects become impossible to complete without clear direction. Luckily, there's something you can do about it.

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