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How to Organize Digital Files: 7 Effective Tips

Image shows file organization inside Mox

A streamlined and effective packaging approval process requires easy access to all of your critical files. However, the sea of seemingly endless file versions and random copies can make file organization feel like an impossible task. Luckily, there are tools and methods to help.

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What Is Artwork Management & How Is It Used in Packaging Workflows?

Image shows the artwork management workflow in Mox

Artwork management is the process of making the development and proofing of product packaging and labels more efficient. Proper artwork management can reduce costs, improve project management, eliminate errors, and help you release products faster, among other benefits.

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How to Create a Digital Asset Management Workflow for Product Content

Image shows digital assets inside Mox

Are you tired of missing digital assets and slow approval processes? Is asset production in your organization inefficient and chaotic? Then it's time to take control of your digital asset management workflow.

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How Can Packaging Errors Be Reduced?

Image shows label management options inside Mox

Packaging errors, such as regulatory inconsistencies or incorrect nutrition information, can doom your product before it even launches. Something as simple as a spelling mistake can result in delays and unhappy customers, among other costly consequences.

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