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Using Digital Tools to Compete with the Big Brands

If you work for a small business, you understand all too well the disparity in resources your big brand competition brings to the battle. It may feel daunting to go up against brands that have strong name recognition and brand loyalty. Usually the bigger the company, the more resource …

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Project Management: A Better Alternative for CPG Brands than Email

Relying on email to manage your projects, approve artwork, and get products to market is anything but simple. Calm the chaos with a digital solution. In this article we’ll discuss why email shouldn’t be your go-to workflow management tool. Discover how the right software solution for …

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Creative Software for Creatives

Let’s set the stage. You’re a creative, or lead a creative team, and the software you currently use isn’t floating your boat visually. Maybe it’s not what you need to enable yourself and other creatives to be, you know, creative. Creative work requires a visually appealing software so …

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