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Project Management: A Better Alternative for CPG Brands than Email


Relying on email to manage your projects, approve artwork, and get products to market is anything but simple. Calm the chaos with a digital solution. In this article we’ll discuss why email shouldn’t be your go-to workflow management tool. Discover how the right software solution for your team not only replaces back and forth emails, but also enables you to streamline your processes and keep your inbox clutter-free. 

How many times have you searched your email inbox looking for specific messages, feedback, or content? Probably a lot. It’s easy to lose track when you’re working on multiple projects among multiple people. And it’s even easier to lose track of where content or assets are in the review and approval process. The thought of releasing unapproved content? Unimaginable; the thing nightmares are made of.  

Why is Email Not a Good Way to Manage Projects? 

Managing project tasks via email is a lot like searching for a needle in a digital haystack. Sure, you can park approvals, comments, and content there, but good luck finding them when you need them. In other words, project management through email can quickly become cumbersome and overwhelming.  

One of the true benefits of team collaboration is the resulting betterment of the final product. It’s a shame to lose individual contributions of content, feedback, and assignment of responsibilities consistent with personal talents in the proverbial sauce of email disorganization. It’s easy for email messages to get buried, for tasks to become hidden, and for your process to feel disorganized. This is where a software solution comes in. 

The Software Solution Advantage  

There is simply no reason to make extra work for yourself. If you know you’re going to need something later, use something more intuitive than email to store it so you can find it when you need it. A software solution helps you do just that. It enables you to streamline the way you manage your processes. You can store everything in one location, communicate with team members in one place, and review and approve artwork and content more efficiently and accurately, thereby reducing the risk of errors and their associated costs.  

Selecting Project Management Software  

Creative people gravitate towards creative software. Software has to reflect how people think and work. It must be visually appealing and easy to use. The more the software is a reflection of your team and vice versa, the more likely it will be used to its fullest extent.  

Additionally, the software you select must foster cross-functional collaboration, it should put the ‘team’ in ‘teamwork’.  

Mox, the Creative Collaboration Tool for Project Management Teams 

Meet Mox by Esko for Brands, the end-to-end virtual tool for teams of all sizes. It helps you organize the workflow for brand, marketing, and packaging projects so everyone is connected, informed, and empowered. Simply put, Mox is for packaging-centric consumer product brands who need to create, manage, and distribute product content to meet the increasing demand of a highly competitive environment. It’s your go-to platform for proofing, digital asset management (DAM), and collaboration.   

With Mox, you don’t have to rely on email. Mox does, by design, that which email was never intended to do. Mox provides your team with the very tool they need to be organized, reduce the risk of errors, avoid recalls, and work as one cohesive unit.  

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