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Using Digital Tools to Compete with the Big Brands


If you work for a small business, you understand all too well the disparity in resources your big brand competition brings to the battle. It may feel daunting to go up against brands that have strong name recognition and brand loyalty. Usually the bigger the company, the more resources it has access to. However, there are still advantages small brands can leverage to find their footing in the marketplace. Let’s get into it. 

All About Digital 

Digital tools are a small business’s best friend. They help you streamline your processes so you can get your work done more efficiently and get to market faster with lower costs. 

Small Brand be Nimble, Small Brand be Quick 

Being bigger isn’t always better. Smaller brands have a greater likelihood of being nimble. How? By making the most of available software solutions. With the right software, they can organize and share content, streamline approval processes, modify and store assets, communicate more effectively, and adapt to changing market conditions.   

Creating Branded Content 

Having branded content is key. Having strong and consistent branding that enhances your reputation is even better. Is your logo fun and memorable? Do consumers perceive your brand the way you want them to? How does your brand stack up against the competition? If your brand is recognized, is it for the right reasons? But none of this matters if your brand hits the shelves with errors. Software solutions ensure your branding is accurate and approved before release so you can minimize errors and costly recalls.  

Design, Design, Design   

You can’t overstate the importance of design to your branded content. Design choices say something about your brand because it is one of the first touchpoints consumers have with it. Does your website look professional and clean? Are your social media assets engaging? All of this is easier to manage with digital tools. You can store your assets, complete review and approval processes faster, and distribute omnichannel content with the click of a button.   

The Importance of Employee Satisfaction 

Small companies have an advantage when it comes to employee satisfaction. Large companies often feel impersonal, especially if the brand doesn’t value fostering connection among the employees. A smaller shop offers more opportunity for connection. Happy employees are stewards of your brand.  

What software solutions should your small business consider implementing? We have just the one for you! 


Meet Mox, the virtual tool that helps you work more efficiently, building brands that people love. As an end-to-end transformative workspace for teams of all sizes, Mox organizes the workflow for brand, marketing, and packaging projects so everyone is connected, informed, and empowered.   

Simply put, Mox is for packaging-centric consumer product brands who need to create, manage, and distribute product content to meet the increasing demand of a highly competitive environment. It’s your go-to platform for proofing, digital asset management (DAM), and collaboration.   

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