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How to Manage Marketing, Brand, and Packaging Assets with Digital Solutions


Are you sick of creating content, assets, and projects from scratch? Sure, you can experience the joy of recreating something brand new yourself every time (not!). But that process is manual, time consuming, and difficult to track. Plus, odds are that the files you need to re-use content are stored on a desktop or in a shared company site that might not be accessible. How do you ensure the right people get access at the right time? And beyond that, how do you make sure they’re working from the most up-to-date version?

Process Visibility Forecast: Cloudy

You have a marketing process, but you can’t clearly see what’s happening, when, and by whom. This is a common challenge, but it especially plagues small-to-medium sized companies. As a smaller brand, you may lack the resources to wrap your arms around your own process. Or your team is lean, and you have multiple stakeholders wearing a variety of hats, and perhaps too many of them. We’re here to tell you it’s okay, and there’s a solution. Digital tools to the rescue!

Project and Digital Asset Management

It’s easy to lose track of your marketing, branding, and packaging projects without one location from which to manage them all. A digital solution provides a virtual library for you to easily search and reuse any asset or content at any time. The intuitive user interface helps eliminate disorganized content, maintains the digital rights of your assets, and ensures you don’t have duplicate versions.

Version Control

Everyone likes to be in control, right? So, let’s talk about version control. With a software solution, you can monitor all facets of your assets' status to trace how they are created, modified, and released. Additionally, version control gives you overall asset visibility, so you can ensure your content and assets are always up-to-date and approved before release. This allows you to avoid costly errors and reworks.

Meet Deadlines and Stay in Budget

It doesn’t matter whether you work in marketing, branding, or packaging, accountability is key. A software solution helps you stay on task, thus meeting deadlines, and staying within your budget. By designating a single source for all communications and critical functions, you set individual accountability, streamline content creation, approval, and distribution. This results in the reduction of risk, improves collaboration, and minimizes costs. A side benefit is the assessment of efficiencies and deficiencies allowing for the setting of metrics and goals.

Enter Mox – Your Marketing One Stop Shop

Does the foregoing sound too good to be true? It’s not. Meet Mox, the virtual tool that helps you work more efficiently, building brands that people love. As an end-to-end transformative workspace for teams of all sizes, Mox organizes the workflow for brand, marketing, and packaging projects so everyone is connected, informed, and empowered.

Simply put, Mox is for packaging-centric consumer product brands who need to create, manage, and distribute product content to meet the increasing demand of a highly competitive environment. It’s your go-to platform for proofing, digital asset management (DAM), and collaboration.

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