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Take Back Your Job – A Solution for Marketing CPG Products


How often do you find yourself wrestling with distractions when all you want to do is your core job of getting products to market? You’re not alone.

 We understand, nowadays, a marketer wears way too many hats. Some days (read: most days) you’re bogged in the minutia of inefficient processes and disorganized assets. Your attention is focused on everything except what you really want to focus on. You want (read: you deserve) a single, clean, and organized dashboard for your entire team to manage CPG processes, communications, and content. We have the solution for your dilemma.

 The CPG Challenges

Marketing CPG products is chock-full of challenges. You likely have multiple SKUs, work with cross-functional teams, have tight budgets, and are expected to turn things around crazy fast. Speed is king when marketing CPG products. But how do you achieve speed without incurring significant costs? 

 So, let’s talk money. You have no choice but to meet deadlines, budgets, margins, and metrics for success. If you don’t, bad things, such as increased costs, will follow. Mistakes are not an option. They lead to product recalls and rework. But, it’s not just about the money. 

Mastering the Internal Before the External

In the context of CPG products’ success, you can’t run before you walk. This means you can’t reasonably expect the results if you haven’t put in the work beforehand. Before you can see the ROI on your products, you need to align your internal teams and processes. A successful product launch and quick speed-to-market results from an organized internal structure and strategy. So, how do you get there?

The Answer

You need a digital solution to manage your marketing, branding, and packaging projects. This includes organizing your communications, assets, and content in one central location. Doing so increases efficiency, reduces errors and their associated costs, and assures everyone is working from the same page. You need a virtual space for all your CPG project management needs. 

Meet Mox 

Mox is an end-to-end transformative workspace for teams, irrespective of their size. It organizes the workflow for brand, marketing, and packaging projects so everyone is connected, informed, and empowered. Simply put, Mox is for packaging-centric consumer product brands who need to create, manage, and distribute product content to meet the increasing demand of a highly competitive environment. It’s your go-to platform for proofing, digital asset management (DAM), and collaboration.  

 Mox is pretty darn impressive! It gives you back the time to do your job, and just your job. 

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