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Product content refers to the data and assets that explain a consumer brand's offerings, such as its features, advantages, components, recommended uses, and accompanying photos or videos. It ranges from product descriptions, images, and videos, all the way to packaging design and artwork. Packaging designers use this to provide information about the products within, including the name and description, product size, features and benefits, graphics, barcodes and identification codes, ingredient and nutrition information, legal and regulatory information, and branding elements such as logos and taglines. 

To assist customers in making educated purchasing decisions, this content is generally used in a variety of marketing and sales channels, including ecommerce sites, social media, print materials, and in-store displays. Managing this content can be very challenging for brands, and today’s favorite tools for document management and collaboration have limitations.  

Want to find the best solution for you to manage your team’s content, assets, and projects? Let’s explore why a cloud-based solution that combines project management, digital proofing, and digital asset management (DAM) is the best option for managing product content. 

All-in-One Solution 

If you are currently using multiple third-party tools to manage different aspects of product content, you’re aware that that can be time-consuming, costly, and frustrating. You need a solution that manages all aspects of product content in a single platform. 

Enhanced Collaboration 

Cloud-based solutions for product content allow team members to collaborate more effectively, whether they are working remotely or in different locations. The ability to share documents, review feedback, and manage assets from a single platform can significantly reduce communication gaps and improve productivity. 

Digital Proofing 

Built-in digital proofing capabilities are essential for managing product content. A cloud-based solution that includes digital proofing allows teams to annotate and review documents, track feedback, and approve changes in real-time within the same working space. 

Digital Asset Management 

Dedicated digital asset management solutions such as those that are cloud-based help teams organize and share product content and assets, including images, videos, and other media files, from a central location. 

Ease of Use & Customization 

Cloud-based solutions are more intuitive and user-friendly. They typically have modern interfaces and streamlined workflows that help teams get up and running quickly without extensive training or IT support. These solutions offer configuration options that are easier to use and do not require extensive technical knowledge. 

Mox – an All-in-One Solution for You 

Mox by Esko is a potent cloud-based application encompassing project management, online proofing, DAM, and creative collaboration capabilities all in one platform. It helps growing brands control every stage of the product content lifecycle, from ideation to delivery to archiving. They can organize projects, work together as a team, share digital assets, and approve digital material all in one location. 

Streamline processes, enhance communication, and minimize errors and delays with Mox. Click here to learn more! 

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