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New Mox delivers industry-leading packaging and label management capabilities to growing brands and small businesses

Mox is a new software solution to help growing brands and small businesses bring quality products to market in a consistent, fast, and sustainable way. Mox is the new cloud-based tool that has been specifically developed to help small-to-medium sized consumer brands (SMB) meet the cha …

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Why CPG Brands Need Project Dashboards

Project dashboards serve as a visual representation of your team’s projects, processes, and their associated statuses. Why is this important? Because, for example, if you work in marketing, packaging, or branding, you likely manage several SKUs, campaigns, and assets. With a properly …

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Task Management Software for CPG Brands

How to go from feeling like your head is exploding to having a smile on your face It’s 2022 and lots has changed in the last several years. You’ve heard the expression “digital transformation” ad nauseum. You know what it is, you know you need to jump on the bandwagon, and you’ve like …

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