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Streamlining Packaging Production with Mox: The Spangler Candy Story

Spangler Candy, a family-owned private company established in 1906, has been a manufacturer of beloved confectionery brands for over a century.

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Stakeholder Mapping Examples for Artwork Approval Projects

Image shows stakeholders inside of Mox

Stakeholder organization is key in artwork approval projects. However, keeping everyone aligned can be tough, especially with so many people involved, from designers to project managers.

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File Comparison Software: Benefits & Features

Image shows two images side-by-side in Mox

Comparing files can be a real headache. This is especially true when you're dealing with intricate packaging artwork with numerous requirements and multiple stakeholders. Fortunately, file comparison software can streamline this tedious task.

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Do You Need Artwork Approval Software? Use This Guide to Find Out

Image shows artwork approval inside Mox

We know the artwork approval process can be daunting. It involves managing countless assets, keeping up with emails, and striving to meet tight deadlines. While it's not an easy job, there's a tool that can help streamline this intricate process: artwork approval software.

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7 Common Packaging Errors & How to Avoid Them

Image shows error feedback inside the Mox platform

Packaging errors can spell disaster for brands, resulting in costly recalls, regulatory issues, and other consequences. To avoid these mishaps, it's critical to understand common packaging errors and how you can avoid them. That's exactly what we cover in this guide.

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How Can Packaging Errors Be Reduced?

Image shows label management options inside Mox

Packaging errors, such as regulatory inconsistencies or incorrect nutrition information, can doom your product before it even launches. Something as simple as a spelling mistake can result in delays and unhappy customers, among other costly consequences.

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10 Advantages of Using a Digital Proofing Software

Image shows the Mox interface

Digital proofing software is a type of collaborative software that simplifies the approval process of packaging assets. This software helps packaging managers and project managers take projects from initial design to approval quickly and without errors.

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10 Must-Know Tips to Speed Up Packaging Design Approval

Image shows the Mox software interface

The packaging design approval process is essential for any product launch. But without careful planning and optimized workflows, it can quickly become a time-consuming and error-prone endeavor.

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What Is Label Proofing & How to Manage It

Image shows the barcode reader in Mox

If you're part of the labeling process, you know how crucial it is to make sure your labels are error-free and comply with regulations. One crucial step in getting your packaging approved is label proofing.

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Artwork Approval Process: Best Practices & Workflow Examples

Image shows the interface inside Mox

Getting packaging artwork approved is essential to any product launch, but it can also be overwhelming to handle. If you're finding it difficult to make this process easier, you're in the right place.

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